100% recyclable food packaging

Kemso coating solutions enable the complete recycling of products, from the pulping of the wreck to the recycling of the final products.

Food packaging

Our solutions are exceptional for any food packaging that requires vapor-, and grease resistance.   They are suitable for hot foods such as hamburger boxes, noodle boxes, lunch boxes etc., as well as cold foods such as ice cream cups or frozen food products.


Our solutions are an excellent choice for your production environment. Our vapor-, and grease resistant barriers are suitable for high-speed paper plate -machines as well as other high-speed machines that have stacking and release properties.


Our solutions are a sustainable choice also for all kinds of cups and mugs, for hot drinks and cold drinks. In addition to non-PE barrier, the heat-sealability of our solution is truly advanced.  It enables a glue-free production for both hot and cold beverage products.


Apply our solutions also to tablecloths and other paper table settings to obtain a safe, non-PE product that has the look, feel and performance of any traditional disposable table wear.

Food wrappers

Various food wrappers, such as hamburger wraps or French Fries -pockets, can be coated with our vapor-, and grease resistant solutions. There are no fluorocarbon (PFC) or polyethylene (PE) in our solutions which makes our barrier the healthier and more sustainable choice.

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