Coating options

Kemso has a number of different barrier coatings to suit your needs. Our products are e.g. FDA 21 CFR §176.170, BfR 36.1 and GB 9685-2016 approved, where applicable. Coatings can be varied as needed to provide optimal performance and cost-effectiveness for the material.

Water and grease resistance

 Our water- and grease resistant solutions are suitable for all food packaging such as coffee cups, paper wrappers and carboard packaging as well as other food serving containers of varying thickness.


Heat sealability

Our heat sealable barrier is an excellent choice for assembled as well as transparent food packaging. In addition, a glue-free product is cost-effective and always a more sustainable choice. 

Other solutions

Coatings can add other properties to packaging than water or grease resistance and heat sealability. Do you have any new ideas’ in mind? Feel free to contact us!


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